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Laboratory Equipment of Polymer testing compound material, plastics, resins, elastomers, monomers, polymer additives, and more. Eqvimech’s polymer testing Equipment provides a detailed analysis of compounds, plastics, resins, elastomers, monomers, polymer additives, and other related polymer materials. The polymer laboratory equipment range provides clients with accurate results and ease in polymeric analysis. Our equipment includes a range of products as per various standard of polymer resins, fillers, and additives. The equipment’s impressive repeatability and accuracy get the job done with complete satisfaction.


Eqvimech possesses a complete range of equipment and know-how for testing elastomer materials and rubber compounds. We have a laboratory that is very well equipped, and the chemists and engineers have extensive academic and practical knowledge and experience in the rubber industry. Our activities can be divided into testing, compound development, consultancy, failure analysis, and training. Our customers come from the whole rubber chain: from raw material suppliers, manufacturers, and end-users of rubber products to trading and recycling companies. Innovative solutions for custom parts in rubber. Eqvimech designs and develops innovative solutions in custom molded rubber. 


We have established ourselves as a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and trader of Universal Spring Testing Machine. The machine-made available by us is designed to conduct tension test and compression test on spring specimen and calculate the ‘K’ factor. Post-production, the machine is thoroughly inspected on certain well-defined parameters of quality to rule out every possibility of defect. with Immense Features of Equipment like Mechanical version: Load indicated on graduated Dial scale | Electric Digital version: Load indicated on microprocessors Based Digital indicator | Computerized version: Load and elongation are displayed on computer monitor along with DATA ANALYSIS and reporting software.


The automotive industry is on the brink of a revolution, and the plastics industry is poised to play a major role. The automobile interiors are mainly made of plastic. Today along with the strength the part should have a good appearance to attract customers, for good aesthetic shape the part should have different designs along with curvature shapes, so in this case, the special type universal testing machine plays an important role. The goal of the test stand is a stiffness test for interior components (dashboard, center console, and door panel). The stiffness of the components has to be measured at real configuration. So a variable positioning from the arm has to measure the stiffness in any position normal to the surface of the test part.

Fabric / Textile

Fabric Testing Machine is used for fabric, testing its physical characteristics, such as fabric fineness, tension strength, density, length, etc. They comply with ISO 2758, ISO 13938-1, ASTM D737, ISO 9237, ISO 97231, EN ISO 12945-2/12947-1/12947-2/12947-3/12947-4, ISO 12945-1, BS 5811, etc.
Testing is one of the most integral parts of any product development and maintains product quality. The results indicate how well the product will stand against the effect of time, how will the product differ from when it was produced, will the product be able to fulfill its purpose. But most importantly is the product made up to its required specifications? In this article, we are going to discuss the various testing equipment.